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Study and Conquer This application is designed in three parts. The first part consists of a Quiz related to Mathematics, Portuguese and Chemistry. A second part consists of a Slideshow related to various disciplines. Finally have a Game related to the area of mathematics. PT
Liflos Learn about sports with LIFLOS. TR
ArtInMotion ArtInMotion is an App developed to improve our knowledge about art and architecture. ES
networkPuzzle The application aims to help people practice network buliding and the elements of a network. The goal of the program is to expand the students' knowledge along the Drag and Drop technique. The main goal is to help students understand and apply the operation of event managements. HU
worLd The application aims to help people practice English vocabulary and spelling. This is available at three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. The program uses a database structure. HU
Tooth Adventure This application consists of two games for mobile platform that aim at creating and maintaining oral hygiene habits in children and young people. PT
RunEat The application aims to help people to have a healthy diet. This is done by calculating the calories, BMI and BMR, providing the pedometer, a device for calculation of the steps taken during the day and that, combined with the section of the calculation and curiosity advises users what to eat and what activities it is better to play in maintaining a healthy body. IT
Compass qrcode We will create a compass application that shows us where the North is. GR
Encryption qrcode-1 We will construct an application that enables the user to encrypt or decrypt a message and then send it from his mobile phone. GR
Finger Painting qrcode-2 We will construct a finger painting application, which will allow us to draw even on photos taken with the camera of our device, while we can also save our creations. GR
Roll Dice qrcode-3 We will construct an application that enables the user to roll two dice at the touch of a button, just like in backgammon. GR
PalsInfo2k qrcode-4 This smartphone application will be useful for the first meeting in Trikala. (And henceforth as well) 🙂 HU
Trikala-2 qrcode-5 HU