INVITATION and AGENDA of the 1st transnational meeting

By | 23rd October 2016

Dear friends,

I am sending you the Invitation for the meeting and the Agenda of the scheduled activities. You will notice that all the project meetings and workshops will be taking place after lunch. This is because we are an Evening Vocational School and the building is used by other educational institutions in the morning. Therefore, the computer labs and meeting rooms will be available for us after 14:00. We have filled our morning time with other activities. We are starting with a visit to the Meteora right away on Monday morning because the Monastery of the Great Meteoron, which is really worth visiting, is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and we think we shouldn’t miss it. The welcoming event at the City Hall will take place on the second day.

In a European school project meeting there are usually presentations about the partners’ countries, cities, partner schools and national educational systems. The agenda is really tight and I am afraid we will be short of time for all these presentations. We suggest that each school can have a 10 minute presentation to get to know each other’s country and city and will be shown in the School Conference Room on Monday. The Greek presentation may be a bit longer since it is the hosting country and this will probably happen in every hosting country for the rest of the meetings. Each of us can also prepare a presentation for our schools that will be uploaded on the eTwinning space during the eTwinning workshop on Tuesday to give the identity of the collaborating institutions. The Greek Educational System will be presented at the City Hall. We suggest that each country will be presenting their own Educational System during the meetings they host in order to save us some valuable meeting time.

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